New Sims 4 Challenge

I am about to start a new sims 4 challenge and I am pretty sure I came up with it myself….that is…I DID come up with it myself and have found nothing similar when researching it, but its possible someone beat me to the punch and I don’t know about it!


I am about to start recording and decided the throw the rules up here to make it easier for myself to go through them while recording as I can have them on my phone and just read them off 🙂

The Alien Domination Challenge:

Start a new save game, this is important as previous saves could give you and unfair advantage.

Create your founder in CAS. You may download sims from the gallery if you wish but they need to be Alien and have NO skills at all. Your Sim MUST be Alien, a young adult and the only sim in the household. You can give them whatever traits you wish at this stage. Name them whatever you wish but bear in mind that this is a long challenge and that you will be looking at it for a while so chose something fun. Make sure aging is set to normal.

You can move into whatever lot you wish as long as you can afford it with your starting simoleons. Once you are moved in, if your funds are not below 500, use the money cheat to reduce them. If they are already under 500 you may NOT add the addition $.

When moving on to future generations you can do it any way you wish, all our children will play some part in the challenge anyway, the only rule here is that they must be in some part alien.

For this challenge I have used bits of other well known challenges like the legacy challenge and the 100 baby challenge. There are some deliberate changes to those rules though so please read carefully!

The challenge itself

The aim of this challenge is simple – aliens are going to take over the world! Aliens have long watched sims, and they are incredibly sad with how our world is shaping. The wars, the lack of compassion, the ravaging of our natural resources…..what once made the sim race great is becoming a legend in our own lifetime…and they have decided that they need to do something!

A rouge branch of the alien army has a plan, and they have sent a lone alien female to earth. Her mission, as she chose to accept it, breed, breed and breed some more! She must take a human partner or partners and produce a minimum of 10 children! From those children, more alien or half alien babies will be born. The aim…to mix alien intelligence with human emotions and fill the earth with alien/half alien sims! This will ensure the survival of both races.

  1. No cheats/hacks/mods that give you an advantage over someone who did not use them.
  2. No restarting after bad events
  3. Our Alien family is the only one that can be played…for now….a twist may come in my lets play for this and if it does I will update the rules accordingly! No merging in other families. The only way a new sim may enter the house is through marriage to the current heir. Any other marriages i.e to siblings still living at home, must result in that family member moving out with their spouse!
  4. Your sim is free to marry or not, they do not have to have a different baby daddy unless they chose to do so.
  5. Your domination family is free to move around the world, as long as you do not have to cheat to buy the house any free home/land is fair game.
  6. No anti aging at all!
  7. No changing aspirations, once an aspiration is active it MUST be completed before another one can be selected.
  8. A dead sim is a dead sim, even aliens cannot resurrect.
  9. All current members of the household must move out as soon as the heir marries, with the exception of the heirs parents. This is your call, they can move out at anytime you wish but CAN remain in the household until they die.
  10. Your sims can have any job you wish, with the exception of your heir. Male heirs may work but their partners may not, female heirs may not work while they are the heir until they have had 10 children! If your female heir has a job at the time she takes over this challenge she must quit as soon as she has her first baby.
  11. Spouses may not bring in any money when they move in…I know this challenge is not about making as much money as possible, but it is a challenge all the same!
  12. You may adopt but the aim of the challenge is to produce as many aliens/half aliens as we can so keep your household limit in mind. It could add a nice story telling touch though so I will not rule it out.
  13. The Alien sims must never leave the house without her disguise until generation 3.
  14. No babysitters, your heir can leave the lot at anytime as long as a family member is there to take care of the children.
  15. Any lifetime rewards you chose to purchase are allowed.
  16. All children’s trains must be randomly generated.
  17. No aging up babies until you get the birthday notification on their actual birthday. Children and teenagers can be aged up when they have an A in school. Toddlers can be aged up when they have a 3 in all skills.
  18. Once a family member is moved from the house, they are at the mercy of story progression, you cannot play them again for any reason!
  19. No killing of household members for any reason. Accidents happen of course but make sure they are not given a helping hand 😉
  20. You may own a family business, but the heir cannot spend all day there and neglect the children. It will be a balancing act and remember….no babysitters! Your heir can make and sell baked goods and take and sell photographs, but nothing that requires set work hours and a pay check from a formal job.
  21. You may visit your home planet once a week, so plan your trip well! Remember that your heir cannot have a job so you will have to teach yourself how to build the ship.

The challenge is over when the whole world is populated with Aliens/Hybrids. Good Luck!