Introductions and a cat fight

I just edited my first every video and I have to say I am super excited and pretty damn proud of myself right now.

I started off with a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge and my wee girl Minnie is super cute.

Minnie was named after my grandfathers sister who sadly died when she was just 2 years old and I thought it would be a nice legacy for her to live her life in the sims. Minnie, Sims Minnie, has a sad story though.

Her parents died when she was young, just after she finished high school, and so she always felt lonely, having gone from a happy family to being alone. She was desperate to be loved…and to love another and she met and fell for an amazing guy. They were married fast, and all was well for a while, and then the drink took a hold on him. He had always been arrogant and she kind of looked past that as a cultural difference or something, but as he drank more and more, his narcissistic personality started to become really dominant. He would put her down, mentally and emotionally abuse her and made her totally dependent on him. Eventually she saw the light, but not before all her self confidence was gone. But she left and started a new life.

However, her ex would not let her go, every guy she dated would bring about texts, emails, “accidental” meetings and the like. The climax came when she fell for a new man….and her ex threatened him so much that he left her. She was broken…again….and so she sold her house, all her belongings, packed a single case of clothes and left town.

And thats our Minnie, all alone, a plot of land, a tent and a toilet and thats about all! Brave girl cannot wait to get married again though…..some people never learn!minnie3legacy1

See how pretty she is!! And others must think so too! Her first day in town and she spies a cute guy…goes over to say hello……and ends up in a cat fight with some random woman in the park!!! Some people are so insecure!


Lets hope things start to look up for her soon, and that shes not too sore in the morning xxxxx