Hi Everyone and welcome to my Blog,

I am setting up to launch my YouTube channel within the next few weeks and want to invite you along on my journey. I am so excited to get started!

I have been recording and editing videos ready, making sure my art work is on point and taking some email classes with some great you-tubers on how to get started.

For the time being my channel will be the sims 3 and the sims 4. I will be adding minecraft and terrafirmacraft in as soon as I have time to get started on those and am looking at a few retro games to throw into the mix as well.

At the moment I have 2 challenges that I am recording, Legacy in sims 3 and Disney Legacy in Sims 4 but am really looking forward to adding more. My Sims 3 will be a journey, Legacy now, but when I reach my final generation there, she will become my runaway teen, who will them become my founder for 100 baby challenge. I LOVE story telling and the Sims, with its many challenges gives me great scope to do that!

For Sims 4 I am really looking forward to trying the Immortal Sisters and super super excited try the Black Widow.

I will be posting updates to my challenges here, as well as the videos on YouTube and will also update here for my current household and how those guys are doing.

So why don’t you join me, grab a cuppa, sit back and get involved with the many faces of my Virtual Life!